How to Franchise Your Business to Military Veterans with Franchise Marketing Systems and Chris Conner


Franchising offers an exciting path for military veterans to transition from their service careers to business ownership. It provides an opportunity for veterans to leverage their leadership skills, discipline, and determination in a new endeavor. Franchise Marketing Systems, led by franchise consultant Chris Conner, is committed to helping veterans explore franchising as a viable and rewarding post-service option. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the world of franchising and how Franchise Marketing Systems (FMS Franchise), under the guidance of Chris Conner, supports military veterans in their quest for business ownership.


Chapter 1: The Value of Franchising Your Business to Military Veterans

Veterans bring a unique set of skills to the world of business, making them ideal candidates for franchising. Here’s why franchising is an excellent option for military veterans:


1.1 Leadership and Discipline:

Military training instills discipline and leadership skills that are highly transferable to running a business. Veterans understand the importance of clear directives, teamwork, and accountability.


1.2 Resilience:

Veterans have a remarkable ability to adapt to changing situations and persevere through challenges, a valuable trait in the unpredictable world of business.


1.3 Training and Education:

The military provides extensive training, often in specialized fields. This training can be applied to various aspects of running a franchise.


1.4 Teamwork:

Veterans are accustomed to working as part of a team, fostering a collaborative and supportive approach to business operations.


1.5 Mission-Oriented:

Veterans understand how to set and achieve goals, which aligns perfectly with the goal-oriented nature of franchising.


Chapter 2: Understanding the World of Franchising

To embark on a successful franchise journey, it’s crucial for veterans to understand the fundamentals of franchising.


2.1 What is Franchising?

Franchising is a business model in which a franchisor (the parent company) grants franchisees the right to operate their own businesses using the franchisor’s brand, products, and systems. The franchisee pays fees, including an initial franchise fee and ongoing royalties, in return for support and guidance from the franchisor.


2.2 Franchisee vs. Franchisor:

  • Franchisee: This is the individual or entity that purchases the rights to operate a franchise unit.


  • Franchisor: The franchisor is the parent company that owns the brand and provides franchisees with the necessary tools, systems, and support to operate their businesses.


2.3 The Franchise Agreement:

The franchise agreement is the legal document that outlines the terms and conditions of the franchise relationship. It covers aspects such as fees, royalties, territory, training, and more.


Chapter 3: Benefits of Franchising for Veterans

Franchise Marketing Systems (FMS Franchise) recognizes that veterans bring unique qualities to franchising. Here are some of the benefits that veterans can enjoy when entering the world of franchising:


3.1 Proven Business Model:

Franchises are built on established and successful business models, reducing the risk associated with starting a business from scratch.


3.2 Ongoing Support:

Franchise systems provide comprehensive training and support, helping veterans navigate the complexities of business ownership.


3.3 Brand Recognition:

Franchises often come with recognized and trusted brand names, which can be a significant advantage in attracting customers.


3.4 Network of Peers:

Veterans can connect with a network of fellow franchisees, sharing experiences and support within the franchise community.


3.5 Financing Opportunities:

There are often financing options and incentives available specifically for veterans looking to invest in franchises.


Chapter 4: Franchise Marketing Systems and Chris Conner

Franchise Marketing Systems (FMS Franchise), under the guidance of franchise expert Chris Conner, is dedicated to helping military veterans explore franchising as a post-service career. Here’s how Franchise Marketing Systems supports veterans in their journey:


4.1 Education and Guidance:

Franchise Marketing Systems offers veterans comprehensive education about franchising. Chris Conner and his team provide valuable insights into the world of franchising, helping veterans make informed decisions.

Visit here for the FMS Franchise webinar series:


4.2 Identifying the Right Franchise:

Chris Conner and his team work closely with veterans to identify the ideal franchise opportunity based on their skills, interests, and financial resources.


4.3 Legal Assistance:

Franchise Marketing Systems helps veterans navigate the legal aspects of franchising, including understanding and drafting the franchise agreement.


4.4 Financing Support:

Chris Conner and his team assist veterans in exploring financing options, including those designed specifically for veterans.


Chapter 5: The Franchise Selection Process

Selecting the right franchise is a crucial step for veterans interested in franchising. Here’s how Franchise Marketing Systems supports veterans in this process:


5.1 Self-Assessment:

Veterans are encouraged to assess their skills, interests, and financial capacity, helping them identify the types of franchises that align with their goals.


5.2 Due Diligence:

Franchise Marketing Systems assists veterans in conducting in-depth research on franchise opportunities, including a thorough review of the FDD.


5.3 Evaluation:

Chris Conner and his team guide veterans in evaluating factors such as the initial investment, ongoing fees, training and support, territory, and market potential.


5.4 Legal Review:

Veterans receive legal assistance in reviewing the franchise agreement to ensure they understand the terms and conditions.


Chapter 6: Funding Your Franchise

Financing your franchise is a significant consideration. Veterans have access to several financing options, including:


6.1 SBA Loans: The Small Business Administration (SBA) offers loan programs that can assist veterans in financing their franchise.


6.2 Veterans Business Outreach Centers (VBOCs): VBOCs provide veterans with support and resources, including financial advice and assistance in securing loans.


6.3 Franchisor Financing: Some franchisors offer financing options to help veterans with the initial franchise fee and other startup costs.


6.4 Discounts and Incentives: Many franchisors provide discounts on franchise fees or special incentives to attract veterans as franchisees.


Franchise Marketing Systems (FMS Franchise) provides funding services to franchise buyers to support the investment process and facilitate funding the new franchise investment through Franchise Funding Solutions:


Chapter 7: Building Your Franchise Business

Once veterans have chosen the right franchise and secured financing, they can start building their franchise business.


7.1 Site Selection: Franchise Marketing Systems helps veterans with site selection, ensuring that the chosen location aligns with the franchise’s target market.


7.2 Training and Operations: Veterans receive comprehensive training to understand the franchise’s systems and operations, equipping them with the knowledge to run a successful business.


7.3 Marketing and Growth: Veterans are supported in marketing their franchise business, and they receive guidance on strategies to drive growth and profitability.


Chapter 8: Post-Launch Support

Franchise Marketing Systems and Chris Conner continue to support veterans even after their franchise businesses are up and running.


8.1 Ongoing Training: Franchise Marketing Systems provides access to ongoing training to help veterans continuously improve their business operations.


8.2 Networking: Veterans can connect with other franchisees, creating a valuable network of peers who share experiences and offer support.


8.3 Problem Solving: Chris Conner and his team are available to assist veterans in addressing any challenges or issues that may arise during franchise ownership.


A Rewarding Path for Veterans and a Effective Strategy to Franchise Your Business

Franchising offers an exciting and rewarding path for military veterans seeking business ownership opportunities. With the support of Franchise Marketing Systems (FMS Franchise) and the direction of Chris Conner, veterans can leverage their skills and embark on successful post-service careers as franchisees. The unique combination of their military training and franchising support can lead to thriving businesses and a bright future. As veterans transition from the service to business ownership, the franchising world is ready to welcome their leadership, discipline, and determination.


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