Direct Mail Franchises: Big Business in Sending Mail

Considering owning a franchise can be quite an exciting, and sometimes overwhelming, experience. Maybe you’re looking into a wide range of opportunities out there and you’re not quite sure which one is for you. Perhaps you have a variety of jobs or businesses you already dabble in and you’re looking for something more. Have you ever considered direct mail franchise opportunities? These are great for the business entrepreneur looking for a great ROI and an investment with many benefits. Here are a few reasons you should consider direct mail franchise opportunities and what they can offer you.

Low Investment

Getting the initial investment together for owning a franchise can seem quite impossible at times. That’s not the case with the direct mail marketing franchises. These offer low initial investment opportunities so it is much easier to get into the business. You do not have to worry about large upfront payments before getting a return on your investment.

Add Value to Community

Not only is this a low investment for you, it also adds a high value to the businesses and market in your community. You can help other businesses get the word out on their company and products/services by offering these direct marketing services to them. The marketing model that this franchise provides is beneficial to everyone involved. From being the franchise owner to helping those in the community around you, everyone is a winner. This allows everyone involved from the franchise owner to you as the franchisee to benefit from a variety of centralized resources.

Proven Effective Today

Even in today’s market of social media and the Internet, direct marketing is still a proven and effective way to advertise. Direct mailing is a great way to target your audience and get the word out to the right people who will then become clients of the businesses in the community. No matter how much changes with advertising, direct mail marketing is still a perfect way to share the word to the community about new businesses, established businesses, and those that are offering sales and discounts in the area.

A great model that has built a strong direct mail franchise platform is Edge Publishing: America’s Coupon Mailer franchise.  This brand has proven a solid approach to the direct mail market and the franchise platform offers a great deal of value to franchise investors and business clients of the franchise brand.  (

Brands You May Already Know

A couple examples of this direct mail marketing is the Americas Coupon Mailer ( and of course the Money Mailer Franchise ( Both of these companies offer the prime example of what direct mail marketing can be. Americas Coupon Mailer offers a great example of a great brand that exemplifies all the benefits of being a direct mail marketing franchise owner. Another established example of this program is the Money Mailer. You’ve probably seen one or both of these arrive in your own mailbox from time-to-time. These are great examples of how you can be a franchise owner and get a great return on your investment through direct mail marketing programs.

If you’re considering a new franchise opportunity, consider the benefits of owning a direct mail marketing company. These offer not only great benefits to you as the franchisee, but you also offer a valuable service to the businesses in your own community. Share the word about their business as you grow and expand yours!

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